Elderly Man sustains Elbow Injury after Pothole tripping accident in Oxford


A 73 year-old man tripped outside a shop in Oxford and won £1,785 in compensation for his injuries.

pothole in the road

Elbow Injury in Oxford

As the retired man was coming out of a shop, he stepped in a pothole that he had not seen. During the fall, he injured his elbow and cut his face.

The hole had been there for a long time, yet no warning signs had ever been put in place by Oxford County Council to warn pedestrians.

The elderly man managed to compose himself and make his own way home. After the accident, the man visited the GP 6 times due to the pain in his elbow. He was advised to take paracetamol to cope with the pain. He remained shocked and shaken for 2 days.

The use of his left arm was now restricted making it difficult for him to carry out some activities. Even doing small things like opening jars or carrying bags with his left hand become difficult.

Local authority fails to keep pedestrians safe

The retiree instructed Simpson Millar LLP to handle his case. Oxford County Council was responsible for keeping the road safe and free from hazards, which they failed to do for the public. They also failed to inspect, maintain and repair the pothole in the pavement allowing it to fall into disrepair. Simpson Millar LLP pointed out these failures to Oxford County Council in order to achieve an acceptable sum for the retired man.

Throughout the claim, the married 73 year old praised the work of the solicitors who worked on his case and they were able to end his claim. He won £1,785 in compensation for his elbow injury.

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