Delivery driver's head injury costs Tesco £2,500


We have secured compensation for a Tesco delivery driver who suffered a severe head injury when he was hit by a freezer door at work.

At the time of the accident, at around midday on 14 June 2010, the driver had been collecting goods for delivery from his employer's store at Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. All the vehicle spaces in the loading area were occupied as he arrived, so he was forced to park his van next to the loading area.

He began to load his vehicle with goods. As he stood upright, he was hit on the head by the van's freezer door, which had swung open. Attending the A&E department at the White Abbey Hospital, his injury was confirmed as a laceration to his head, which required sutures.

We alleged a number of breaches of Health and Safety Regulations, among them the defendant's failure to undertake a suitable risk assessment, its failure to warn our client of danger and exposing him to a danger and a foreseeable risk of injury.

Liability was at first disputed by the defendant, Tesco Stores Ltd. However, we were able to prove that the freezer door had no safety catch to secure it in place and stop it swinging.

With no alternative but to concede responsibility, the defendant and our client agreed an offer of £2,500 in settlement of the claim.

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