Defective delivery trolley causes metal injury – Can I claim?


We recently helped a Royal Mail worker and Communication Workers Union (CWU) member who suffered a metal injury at work because of a defective delivery trolley.

Royal Mail Accident

Defective and unsafe trolley

The CWU member had been given a new delivery trolley. The introduction of these trolleys to Royal Mail delivery staff has been controversial, and we have recently shown how these trolleys can cause serious injury to the Royal Mail workers using them.

The lady was preparing to go out on a delivery and was loading the self- adjusting trolley. She bent down to get the last box, and as she lifted the box up her arm was caught on a piece of metal sticking out from the extended trolley.

A permanent scar

The Royal Mail worker contacted CWU Legal Services, who introduced her to us at Simpson Millar LLP. While it may sound like quite a trivial injury, she was still injured at work because of defective equipment.

We consulted with a medical expert, who determined that the scar on her arm would be permanent, and that the injury itself had fully recovered after 4 months.

Simpson Millar LLP try to settle

We pursued Royal Mail outside of court in an attempt to get them to settle. It was obvious to us that they were responsible and we knew we could get them to settle before it went to court. It would have cost Royal Mail far more in legal fees if they let the case carry on. In the end, we managed to get them to settle for £2,250. The lady had this to say about us:

“I was impressed with how Simpson Millar LLP were efficient in dealing with my case. I was kept in touch with my progress and up to date with how my case was going. Simpson Millar LLP were true to their word of my entitlement of compensation, and discreet with the sensitivity of my position at work.”

Ultimately, while a relatively minor injury, Royal Mail could have avoided it and it still resulted in permanent scarring.

Top tips to take home

  • Report any accident, no matter how minor it seems, as soon as possible
  • Check to see if any equipment you use has any obvious problems
  • Consider seeking free legal advice after any accident

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