Dad wins £2,750 from Housing Association for Breathing Difficulties


A father of 3 won £2,750 in compensation after experiencing breathing difficulties caused by mould in his house.

Housing Association

Mould spreads through family home

The 33 year old man, his wife and children had moved into a brand new rented house. Almost a year later mould spots began to appear around window frames upstairs.

The dad reported this to his housing association and was told that this was a common problem in new houses. They advised him to simply scrub the mould spots away and that they would not cause any health issues for him or his family.

So for the rest of the year he and his family continued to scrub away the mould with bleach and each time it would return. As time went on the problem became increasingly worse with the mould spreading to other parts of the house.

The mould was so bad that it even affected the mattresses that the family slept on. This caused significant distress to him and his family, which included his 3 young children.

Eventually, the housing association agreed to re-decorate the house but refused to find alternative accommodation for the family while it was happened. At the same time an inspection of the house found that heating pipes under the floor boards had not been connected correctly and the ventilation system in the roof was faulty.

Breathing Difficulties from mould

Before moving into the house, the dad was in good health - but this soon started to decline. After experiencing sharp stabbing pains in his chest he was diagnosed with a painful condition which affected the wall of his chest. Shortly after this he started to experience breathing difficulties and wheezy breathing. He was instructed to take 2 inhalers but doctors were thinking of placing him on a third one.

After being contact by Simpson Millar LLP, the man’s housing association admitted their responsibility for the mould. We soon received an offer from the housing association which we considered to be too low and not in the best interests of the father of 3. After further negotiations we were successfully able to win £2,750 for the man’s breathing difficulties caused by exposure to mould.

The housing association has also now started taking greater responsibility for the family's suffering - the heating and ventilation systems were fixed and the house re-decorated, which meant that mould did not reappear.

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