Cycling Accident Has Serious Effects on Victim's Work


A Birmingham cyclist has won compensation from a local authority following an accident caused by a road defect.

Cylcing Accident

On 16 June 2010 our client, a taxi-driver, had taken time off for a recreational ride on his bicycle. As he cycled along Grange Road in Birmingham, he suddenly hit an unmarked pothole in the tarmac, which caused him to lose control and fall from his bike.

Broken Bone Affected Driving

The tumble caused the 41 year-old to suffer a broken bone in his right shoulder, along with soft tissue and muscular damage.

"Following the accident our client encountered great difficulty in driving, which was clearly a crucial issue given his profession," said Simpson Millar LLP's Lisa Sheldon.

City Council was at Fault

"For this reason we wrote to Birmingham City Council alleging that it had failed to maintain the highway at a reasonable level in accordance with its duty under Highways regulations.

"The authority had permitted the highway to remain a danger, and had neglected to take adequate measures to inspect and maintain it."

Warnings were Missing

Lisa also noted that no warning signs had been erected by the council to alert motorists and pedestrians to the pothole hazard. "To summarise, Birmingham City Council had allowed the highway to present a foreseeable risk of injury to our client, who was lawfully using it.

"After receiving our letter of claim, the council's insurers agreed to pay compensation to our client of £10,500."

Top Tips to Take Away:

  • Local authorities are duty-bound to maintain the roads in their respective areas
  • If an unmarked defect in the road has caused you injury, we can advise you whether you're entitled to compensation.

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