CWU Member wins £767 for Puncture Wound to his Foot


When visiting the Tucci store in Meadowhall Sheffield a Communication Workers Union (CWU) member stood on a security tag which led to a puncture wound in his foot. He later won £767 in compensation.

Accidents in shops

This case highlights the dangers that lurk in shops, from slips, trips and falls to a failure to follow safety precautions.

Shopkeepers have a general duty of care to ensure shoppers are safe in their store by taking reasonable steps, such as displaying warning signs and ensuring spillages are cleaned up.

If you are unfortunate to suffer an injury in a shop, ensure you inform staff and they record it in their accident book. Take the details of any witnesses and photographs of the scene, as this will help your claim. Most importantly ensure that you seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Puncture Wound to the Foot

What was intended to be a relaxing day of shopping soon turned out to be hazardous trip for this shopper. As he walked past the till area, the man stepped on a discarded security pin with the needle upturned. As he was wearing trainers with a rubber sole the pin went straight through the sole of the shoe and into his right foot.

After speaking to the shop assistant about the incident, he was offered an apology. He correctly insisted they record the incident in the accident book held by the store.

By leaving the security tag on the floor in such a way the store had failed to ensure a safe passage for shoppers. They also failed in having a reasonable system of inspection and cleaning of the floor to prevent such hazards from happening.

Simpson Millar helps CWU Member

The injured shopper was attended to by a first aider who offered to call an ambulance. Although the puncture wound to the foot was small, there was a risk of infection. Not wanting to create a fuss the CWU member left the store and decided to go to A&E to have a tetanus injection. This type of treatment is common if you experience a puncture wound, for example by stepping on a nail. Some antiseptic was also put on the wound and the man was sent home.

Although the store initially ignored any contact from Simpson Millar, we were successful in securing a settlement for the injured CWU member when the matter was discussed with the store's insurers.

The man received £767 for his injuries and the small expenses he incurred as a result of the puncture wound accident.

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