CWU member wins £2,200 for broken teeth from defective equipment


Simpson Millar recently helped a Communication Workers Union (CWU) member win £2,200 after he suffered broken teeth at work.

CWU Member needed dental work

Worker suffers broken teeth

On the day of the accident the man, who had worked for Royal Mail since he left college 13 years ago, was changing a wheel bearing on a Royal Mail van. To carry out the task he had to use a work-issue bar tool which, as he found to his cost, was defective.

As he put pressure of the bar it slipped out, resulting in him letting go of the bar and it hitting him in the face. He broke his front upper teeth and cut his lip. He was in immediate pain and his lip became very swollen.

Defective equipment at work

Our client's case was made on the basis that he had not received adequate training, had not been provided with equipment that was fit for purpose and the task he was undertaking was a two-man job, but he had been left to work alone.

The bar he was using was broken at one end and not appropriate for the task, however he was not provided with any alternative equipment. And although the worker had attended several courses during his employment with Royal Mail he had never received any training on this particular vehicle.

As a result of the accident, the man had to attend several appointments with his dentist to have crowns fitted, all of which cost him financially. He found it very difficult to eat and drink and is concerned about the long-term damage done to his teeth.

Simpson Millar helps CWU member

After obtaining medical evidence and witness statements, Simpson Millar were able to contact his employers for compensation.

Liability was denied, however, during proceedings we discovered similar accidents, at the same location, to that of our client. Since then, the offending equipment has been replaced by a more reliable tool, designed to safely help technicians to lower and press down on vehicle wishbone components.

Through Simpson Millar's negotiations we were able to help the CWU member successfully win £2,200 for his broken teeth.

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