CWU Member Receives £6,230 Compensation for Hand Injury caused by Dog Attack


Simpson Millar has won £6,230 compensation for a Royal Mail worker and member of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), who was attacked by a dangerous dog.

Dangerous Sog Attack

On this day the postal worked approached the property to deliver post when the door opened and the dog came out and attacked him. Our client fell backwards and had no opportunity to defend himself, when the dog bit his left hand.

The dog continued to have hold of his hand until a nearby resident heard the commotion and deterred the dog away. By this point, our client’s hand was bleeding heavily and an ambulance was called.

Our client was then required to wear a half splint and visit hospital several times to have his dressing changed, his stiches taken out and attend physiotherapy sessions.

He was absent from work and could not drive for one month because of his injury. He continues to suffer permanent numbness in the finger on his left hand as well as severe scarring and painful wrists. Due to his inability to carry heavy piles of post in his injured hand, he now finds his job very difficult.

Royal Mail were aware of this dog because of 2 previous incidents, which the postal worker had included in his walk log and informed his manager about.

Royal Mail initially denied liability for our client’s injuries. However, we were able to put forward evidence of a letter from them to the dog owners, dated 4 months prior, in which they admitted that the dog was a "potential hazard waiting to happen" and they would suspend delivering mail to the property.

However, the period of suspension was not sufficient and our client was made to deliver mail to the address.

As a result of the evidence being presented to Royal Mail, they admitted liability for our client’s injury. Finally, the employer agreed to £6,230 compensation for our client's personal injury claim.

Ashley Stothard, from Simpson Millar said: "Claims in relation to dog attacks on private property can be difficult as the law is inadequate and does not support access to justice. We were very pleased we were able to assist our client in obtaining the compensation he deserved."

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