CWU member receives £5,000 compensation for shoulder and neck injury at work


Simpson Millar has won a damages claim for a Communication Worker’s Union (CWU) member who suffered a shoulder and neck injury whilst working for Royal Mail.

Shoulder Injuries

In May 2011 our client, a postal worker and member of the CWU, was pushing a York container when one of its wheels became stuck in a hole in the flooring. This caused the container to come to an abrupt halt.

Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to the neck and shoulders, needing immediate rehabilitation treatment. He was forced to take 5 days off work.

On the postal worker’s behalf, the CWU instructed Simpson Millar to proceed with a personal injury claim for damages.

We wrote to the Royal Mail alleging breaches of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. This included exposing our client to a foreseeable risk of injury by failing to ensure that every floor in the workplace was suitable for purpose and that every floor or surface of a traffic route was free from holes or slopes.

By issuing proceedings, we were able to quickly identify the contractor responsible for the flooring at our client’s place of work. Liability was agreed in a timely manner and a compensation settlement of £5,000 was accepted by our client.

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