CWU Member Injured At Work by Dog Bite Wins £2,000


A female postal delivery worker and Communication Workers Union (CWU) member, who was injured at work after a dog bite has won almost £2,000 compensation.

Dog Attack

Injured During Work by a Dog Bite

It had been 5 years since our female postie had delivered to the property in question but she remembered the dogs being aggressive.

As she walked up the long driveway she noticed there was no gate on the property preventing the dogs from roaming or warning signs to alert visitors to their presence. As she reached the front garden she could not see any dogs around and so proceeded in her duties.

When she neared the letter box 2 dogs began to approach her. One came up behind our scared postie bit her on the rear while the other barked at her aggressively. A young man at the house called the dogs off and they ran away.

Our frightened postie was shaken by the ordeal, she handed him the letters and made a sharp exit.

Dog Owners Warned Over the Dog Bite

She tried to call work to inform them of the incident but was unable to get through. In the meantime, she managed to stem the flow of the bleeding while bravely cycling to her GP, which was nearby.

As she waited she became tearful about the whole ordeal. A helpful nurse examined her, bathed and dressed her wound. Shortly after this she was able to speak to her manager and make him aware of the episode.

She also informed the police of her ordeal, who went to the house and warned the owners not to allow the dogs to roam around. They stressed how important it was for the dogs to be kept securely in the house or front garden.

Due to her injuries, the postie developed an infection and was prescribed antibiotics. The infection took 2 weeks to clear up.

Simpson Millar Help CWU Member Injured During Work

The effects of the accident have both been physical and psychological for our postie who suffered a dog bite. She is constantly in fear of being attacked on her rounds by roaming dogs and had to take additional time off work to get over the whole experience.

At Simpson Millar we specialise in personal injury and were able to successfully secure a win of almost £2,000 for our client's dog bite claim.

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