Council closes on £3K compensation after open manhole spells trouble


Salford City Council has agreed to pay £3,000 damages to a local resident injured after he tripped into an open manhole.

Left Knee Injury Soft Tissue Damage

At around 2pm on 15 June 2011, our client had left his flat en route to a local shop. Walking along the tarmac surface in the grounds of his apartment's building, he suddenly lost his footing.

The stumble caused the resident to fall into an open manhole, whose cover was broken and was not cordoned off for public safety.

As a result of the accident, in which the man suffered soft tissue injuries to his left knee, we were instructed to bring a personal injury action claim against Salford City Council.

We alleged 5 breaches contrary to the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957. These included the failure by the defendant to operate a regular inspection system and to repair the defect; its failure to provide warnings for visitors; and exposing our client to a foreseeable risk of injury.

The council admitted liability for the accident claim subject to causation. Although our client was initially examined, further evidence was required in order to confirm the diagnosis. However, prior to obtaining this information, the defendant made a £3,000 offer of settlement, with which our client was satisfied and which we accepted on his behalf.

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