Could This Householder Have Better Restrained Their Dog?


A 48 year-old postal worker has won compensation from a Derbyshire householder following an unprovoked dog attack.

Beware of the Dog

Dog Agitated

Delivering mail to an address in Whaley Bridge in August 2010, the postman noticed that a dog and its owner were outside the property's open front door, into which he was obliged to place the delivery.

The dog however, was clearly agitated. Although the owner tried to restrain her pet by holding its collar, this was not enough to prevent the animal from breaking loose and attacking the postman.

Hospital after Attack

"As a result of the attack our client sustained a laceration to his forearm, which required treatment at hospital," noted Simpson Millar LLP's Lisa Sheldon, who was instructed to act for the postman by his union, the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

Time off Work

Lisa added that the postman also incurred out-of-pocket expenses and was forced to take time off work to recover from his injuries.

"We wrote to the householder asserting that she had failed to maintain control of her dog when she knew our client was on her property," Lisa said. "She also failed to ensure that the dog was secured, as well as neglecting to warn of the dog's potential to attack."

Successful claim

With our help the postman duly won his case, receiving a compensation award of £3,000

Top Tips to Take Home

  • If you have concerns about the route you deliver post on, you should try to raise these concerns with your employer
  • Other people you work with may have noticed the behaviour of a dog, try to share information on rounds like this to stay safe

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