Compensation in Store for Injured Grandparent


We recently helped a client obtain compensation following a slipping accident in a well known department store, Debenhams in Sheffield. She received £9,500 in damages for her personal injuries.

Personal Injuries can happen anywhere

Our client was shopping with her partner and her grandchild who she was pushing in a pram when the accident occurred. They were in the home ware section of the store which is also close to the store café when she slipped and fell on a number of grapes that had been left on the floor. She fell, sustaining a soft tissue injury to her right wrist and was away from work for 10 weeks in total.

The lady also noted that members of staff were in the vicinity of the area who could have cleared the grapes and avoided this accident.

Sour Grapes

Although this case may seem unlikely, we have dealt with a similar case whereby our client also slipped on a number of grapes in a supermarket in Bromley. In this case our client suffered a rotated cuff tear to his right shoulder following which he was unable to return to work for 3 months. He was also left with minor permanent weakness. Our client received £12,000 in damages for his personal injuries.


Both cases show a breach of the duty in the Occupiers Liability Act to keep aisles free from obstruction for lawful visitors.

Emma Ginley, our Manchester based solicitor specialising in Personal Injury Claims said: “Many people may not consider making a claim, and do not at first realise how much of a detriment this kind of accident can have. This only becomes apparent when it severely affects your everyday life, such as taking substantial periods of time off work to recover.”

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