Children and Families Hospitalised by Illness at the Marina Parc in Menorca


We've received reports of an illness outbreak at the First Choice Marina Parc resort in Arenal d’en Castell, Menorca. A large number of children and adults have been hospitalised by the incident and current reports suggest that this issue will continue to grow before it is resolved.

Poor Hygiene at Hotels in Menorca

The Marina Parc is advertised by First Choice as part of their aquatic fun focussed Splashworld brand, which has a heavy emphasis on waterparks complete with slides and pools designed to appeal to children. The Holiday Village in Cala en Bosc, Menorca also seems to be experiencing an illness outbreak, with guests suffering from the symptoms of gastric illness, implying that there may be a bigger problem with hygiene in Menorca that isn't just localised to the Marina Parc.

Severe Symptoms Affecting Small Children

Reports in the Mirror have highlighted how the 10 month old daughter of British holidaymaker Kevin Kiernan suffered from what appears to be a severe gastric illness that resulted in vomiting and eventually hospitalisation. Mr Kiernan states that he became aware that there were problems at the Marina Parc when he noticed that high chairs in the restaurant weren't being cleaned down between uses:

"There were just two waitresses and after each baby had left they wouldn’t wipe it down and they would put it outside covered in food and then seagulls would perch on it and eat the food. Then they would shoo them away and bring it back in for the next guests. It was appalling."

Mr Kiernan also noticed issues with the pool where he sighted yellow scum floating around the edges, a sign that the maintenance team at the Marina Parc may not be carrying out a proper documented system of hygiene to prevent infection.

Many Families Affected by Low Standards at Marina Parc

Upon taking his young daughter to hospital Mr Kiernan noticed that there were a large number of children with similar coloured arm bands to his child. Upon enquiring he discovered that they too had suffered similar symptoms of diarrhoea and gastric distress having stayed at the Marina Parc. We have since been contacted by the families affected and it looks likely that they will be pursuing a group action against First Choice.

Cause of Infection in Menorca

It appears that First Choice are remaining quiet about the results of stool samples taken from British tourists, meaning that it's not yet possible to say what the exact cause or pathogen that has resulted in so many becoming unwell, but from the evidence we've received it appears likely that either an E. coli or Cryptosporidium outbreak is to blame. As it's mainly children that have been affected at this waterpark resort, Cryptosporidium is looking more likely due to the fact that it is so easily transmitted through contact with contaminated water, but E. coli and other types of food poisoning should not be ruled out due to the reports of poor hygiene at the Marina Parc.

What to do if you've Been Affected

If you or your children experience the symptoms of severe food poisoning-like symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, headaches or fever, it's imperative that you receive medical attention. An infection of this nature can lead to further health complications, so it's important to ensure that you and your family remain receive a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment for your condition.

If you have been affected by illness at the Marina Parc, Holiday Village or any other hotel in Menorca where an illness outbreak is currently taking place, speak to one of our travel law specialists, as you may be able to claim compensation, or potentially join other holidaymakers in a group action against your tour operator.

Advice on Claiming Compensation

While it's important to report your illness to your tour operator while abroad, upon returning home it's vital that you receive legal advice before pursuing a claim against First Choice or whoever you booked your package holiday with.

Your tour operator may be dismissive of your claim or might try to settle for a few hundred pounds, when in reality you might be entitled to thousands. Our travel law team can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation on your claim and advise you of the amount of compensation you can expect to receive.

We offer 'no win no fee' terms meaning that we don't require any payment upfront for our services as we only recover our fees once we've won your compensation award.

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If you've been affected by a gastric illness on a package holiday in Menorca, please don't hesitate to contact us and join the many other holidaymakers who are in the process of claiming compensation from their tour operator.

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