Cheshire Nurse Awarded Compensation due to Colleagues' Failure at Work


A care home staff nurse has been awarded personal injury compensation following an incident which her co-workers failed to control.

Panic Alarm

In June 2010 a staff nurse working at a low-security rehabilitation centre for female patients, was called to the high-dependency Adolescent Intensive Care Unit to help restrain 2 male patients.


Having become hyperactive, the pair had barricaded themselves into an air-locked room close to the exit.

Lost Control of the Situation

Although the 2 adolescents were subsequently removed from the room, the nurse was left for a long period having to lie physically across one of the youths in order to restrain him. This rapidly turned in to a situation which the nurse's co-workers were unable to control.

A strong individual, the patient persisted in moving the nurse up and down with his arm, to the extent where the 44 year-old was injured.

Back Injury and Hernia

As a result of the incident the nurse suffered a back injury and, subsequently, a femoral hernia.

Simpson Millar LLP's Michelle Rhodes commented: "The nurse sustained soft-tissue injuries to her sacroiliac joint of the back and a hernia. As a result, she had to attend her medical centre and her GP practice for treatment, in addition to receiving treatment from a physiotherapist and a chiropractor.

Employer was Responsible

"The unit was responsible for the actions and omissions of its employees, and the person in charge failed to appropriately assess the situation."

Michelle added that the nurse had recently undergone surgery to repair the femoral hernia and was still suffering the effects of her injury. "The nurse had difficulties with all general day-to-day activities and was orced off work for a long period of time," Michelle said.

The operators of the rehabilitation unit agreed to pay compensation of £8,000.

Top tips to take away:

  • Owing to the unpredictability of some patients, the care-home/hospital sector can occasionally be a hazardous environment in which to work
  • Staff in care homes and rehabilitation units are often subjected to attack by the people they're caring for - if this happens to you and the injury's not your fault, think about making a claim for compensation – we'll tell you how

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