Can I Still Make a Personal Injury Claim if I was a Volunteer?


A woman who fractured her ankle whilst volunteering for a charity was offered £4,160 in compensation for her injury.

Fell Over in the workplace

Volunteer Injured at Work

The lady who was 74 at the time was volunteering at a local charity shop. Usual procedure for donations made it clear that when they received items, they would be moved into the back of the shop. When an appropriate place became available, they would be placed on the shop floor for sale.

On the day of her injury, this procedure was not carried out. A crib that had been donated was left in the doorway for quite some time. As the volunteer walked past it, she got her foot caught in frilly material, most likely the bed clothes attached to the crib itself. She fell and fractured her ankle, this was reported immediately to the manager who sought medical advice.

A fractured ankle can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks to heal, however it took the elderly lady a full 6 months to recover.

Workplace Unsafe

The woman realised that she may be able to claim compensation for her injury as the employer was at fault. They had failed to ensure the workplace was safe, not only for her, but for other employees and customers alike.

She approached Simpson Millar LLP to help claim personal injury compensation for her broken ankle. We arranged a medical examination to confirm her injuries and to gain evidence for the claim.

We negotiated on behalf of the woman to get a final settlement amount of £4,160.

Top Tips to Take Home

  • Even if you are volunteering, you are still classed as a worker
  • Remember, you are claiming against the insurance company not your employer - if you are injured there you are entitled to make a legitimate claim for personal injury compensation
  • If you feel your workplace is unsafe, you should aise the issue with your employer

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