Can I Get Compensation for Negligent Cataract Surgery?


Helen Donaghy, our Partner and Assistant Head of Medical Negligence, has helped to secure compensation for our client who was left with significant pain and reduced vision after being the victim of medical negligence.

Can I Get Compensation for Negligent Cataract Surgery?

Effects of negligence

During our client's cataract surgery indefensibly, there was a failure to apply basic surgical safety checking procedures which meant that the wrong strength lens was inserted into her eye. This would not have happened if the lens had been checked correctly by the nurse and/or the operating surgeon before the lens was implanted.

She suffered trauma to her eye including intraocular inflammation and was left with reduced vision, to count fingers. This has affected her life forever.

The inflammation in our client's eye took 3 months to clear and she was left with a post-operative astigmatism resulting in her requiring glasses most of the time, although the NHS denied this to be a consequence of their negligence.

Admitting Liability

The NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA), the insurer of the Hospital Trust, settled the claim after negotiation with Helen, who is based in our Leeds office. The NHSLA provide indemnity cover for legal claims against the NHS and assist the NHS with risk management. They confirmed there was an error made in inserting the incorrect lens and admitted our client's injuries were the result of the substandard care that our client received during her surgery.

Based on the admission made by the NHSLA, Helen was able to secure a compensation amount of £5,000 for our client.

Why is Compensation Important?

This pay-out will aid the accessories and facilities needed due to the medical neglect that has caused our client's discomfort. The time our client has been recovering has hindered her ability to live her life the way she once had.

By getting in touch with our solicitors, it can help you or a loved one receive the right advice and professional guidance for the best outcome. We can help you to find out if you can get the right compensation to move ahead in your life.

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