Can an Employer be Liable for an Accident to one Worker Caused by Another?


A postal worker has been awarded personal injury compensation following an accident at work caused by a colleague.

On 8 March 2012 our client, an employee of Royal Mail, was busy loading a van with a co-worker.

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Co-worker Caused Accident

On finishing the task, he attempted to close the vehicle's ramp. However, without warning his hand was crushed and badly injured when his colleague stepped onto the ramp.

He sought treatment and was found to have sustained soft tissue injuries to his left hand and fingers.

Employer Negligent

Instructed by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) on behalf of the postal worker, Simpson Millar LLP's Lisa Sheldon wrote to Royal Mail alleging that the accident was caused as a result of its negligence.

"In a case like this the organisation is vicariously liable for acts of negligence by its employees – and our client and his co-worker both worked for Royal Mail.

Inadequate Training

"The colleague stepped onto the ramp when it was clearly unsafe to do so, and our client was injured. The defendant had also failed to provide our client with adequate training in the use of ramps."

Our client was awarded £1,700 in personal injury compensation.

Top Tips to Take Away

  • Organisations are liable for acts of negligence by the own employees
  • Adequate training for all equipment must be provided to you

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