Cafe worker's burns after kitchen grease fall leads to £3K accident claim


Slip HazardA Warwick University café assistant has won a £3,000 compensation claim after slipping in grease on the kitchen's floor.

On 18 February 2009, the worker was preparing food in the kitchen of the café, which is attached to the university's library. As she moved to a side counter, she slipped on floor grease, burning her right arm on a nearby hotplate as she fell.

We obtained medical evidence of the worker's condition immediately following the incident and later, and wrote to the university. It duly admitted liability for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Workplace Regulations 1992.

Among the counts against it were failure to suitably assess risks to our client's health and safety at work, and failing to ensure the kitchen's floor was free from substances which could cause slipping.

However, the university did no more than make our client a derisory offer of compensation, insisting the scarring caused by her burns was only minor.

We argued vigorously on behalf of our client, maintaining that the burn injury was, in fact, severe, and that the worker was in great pain at the time of the accident. Our perseverance paid off, and we were able to secure a much higher compensation award of £3,000.

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