Broken wrist after Nightclub Accident Leads to £5000 in Compensation


A lady who slipped and fell at a nightclub has won £5,000 compensation for the wrist injury she suffered.

Wet Dance Floor

Poor standards at nightclub

The female party goer was out with some friends celebrating a hen night.

They had all previously visited the pub and had vivid memories of the squalid state of the dance floor. One of the party goers recalled a time when she suffered cuts to her feet while dancing there due to the amount of glass on the floor.

All the people present with our female partyer commented on how they had never seen the floor of the pub being cleaned by any of the staff in the multiple times they had visited.

The Nightclub Accident

On the night in question the floor was slippery due to some earlier rain. Trotting partygoers were bringing in rain on their shoes and glasses were being knocked over by slightly intoxicated guests. This combined with the number of drinks that were spilled by the dance floor was a recipe for disaster. Despite the floor being so wet and slippery, at no point was a wet floor sign displayed warning socialisers of the imminent risks.

A few in the group had slipped already, luckily saving themselves or being saved by their colleagues.

The lady in this case, was to be the victim of the slippery floor not once but twice, saving herself the first time by grabbing onto a colleague. On her second slip, the lady had no one to grab onto and suffered a fall at the hands of the poorly maintained wet and slippery floor covered in broken glass.

All of her colleagues were adamant that the fall was not a result of intoxication. And as a result of the fall she suffered a broken wrist and had to seek medical treatment. The nightclub failed to ensure visitors safety.

The nightclub was responsible for making sure their floors were clean and did not cause harm to their customers.

However, the nightclub denied they were responsible for the injured woman's fall. Luckily, 4 colleagues confirmed the filthy state of the dance floor and that they did not see anyone attempt to clean up the mess.

Based on this strong evidence and Simpson Millar LLP's negotiations, we were able to successfully win £5,000 for the lady's nightclub accident.

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