Brazilian Citizen Joins Her Partner In The UK


The Law Of… joining a Fiancé in the UK

Imagine meeting your perfect partner and starting a family in less than 6 months. For one of our clients from Brazil, this was an exciting reality that was unfortunately under threat from her expiring student visa.

Brazilian citizen successfully joins partner in the UK

Arshia Hashmi, Solicitor in Immigration, explains how with her professional legal support a family in the making was happily reunited.

Moving To The UK From Brazil

Our client's partner, who is a British citizen, first contacted Arshia in October 2016. He explained that his partner was a Brazilian citizen who was currently in the UK on a short-term student visa that was going to end in December 2016, forcing her to return to Brazil.

As our client and her partner were engaged, expecting their first child, and wanted to move in together, she urgently needed Arshia's help to apply for a visa that would let her settle in the UK as soon as possible.

Our client and her partner also stressed that they didn't want to be separated for a long period of time.

Applying For A 6-Month Visa To Join Her Partner In The UK

Arshia explained that our client would need to apply online for a 6-month visa that would let her join her partner in the UK as his fiancé, with the intention of getting married.

For clients who are applying for a visa, we offer the option of using our comprehensive Application Management Service.

Confident in Arshia's expertise, our client decided to use this service and asked Arshia to:

  • Prepare an entry clearance application for her to be able to join her partner in the UK
  • Provide her with advice about the UK's Immigration Rules, including what requirements she had to meet to be given entry clearance
  • Explain what documents she needed to provide as part of her application
  • Check her documentation and draft representations in support of the application                               

Step by step, Arshia took our client through the application process and told her what requirements she would need to meet, which included:

  • Demonstrating that she would marry her partner and settle in the UK
  • Proving that her partner would be able to support her financially and that they had accommodation in the UK
  • Taking an English test to show that she had an understanding of the language

Drafting The Application And Collecting Evidence

Arshia then carefully completed the online application form for our client and put together the supporting documentation that she needed, including the legal representations. Once these were drafted, they were then sent to our client for her to check and approve.

Both our client and her partner were happy for the application to go forward, and praised Arshia on how clear and concise the application and the evidence were. Arshia was pleased to find out that the overseas Embassy had also praised the preparation and presentation of the application.

The application was submitted online and an appointment was arranged for our client to attend to the overseas visa application centre to process the application.

A Happy Ending For The Couple

Thanks to Arshia's hard work, our client's visa was approved after only 25 days and the couple was happily reunited in the UK just 31 days after the application was submitted.

"I met my partner in the summer of 2016. She was on a 6-month student visa, visiting from Brazil. We fell in love, and when we found out she was pregnant, we were both delighted", our client's partner explains.

"We decided we wanted to stay in the UK to start our family. But, when we started looking into applying for a new visa, we were unsettled by the complexity and the level of bureaucratic detail involved in the process."

"Without the advice and expertise of Simpson and Millar, my partner and I may have been forced apart. Thanks to the service they provided us with, we are now planning our future together here in the UK."

Overjoyed with the outcome and the high standard of service that Arshia delivered, our client and her partner told Arshia that they would soon be needing her help again with making an application to the Home Office for further leave to remain as a spouse, following their marriage on 14 February 2017.

Arshia comments:

"I'm thrilled that my client and her partner were able to be reunited and start planning their future together."

"Whether you're making an application to join family in the UK or you're applying for indefinite leave to remain, visa applications tend to be complex and lengthy and it's easy for individuals to miss out information or make errors."

"That's why we recommend having your application prepared by a legal professional – it can save you a lot of time and stress."

"I wish my client all the best for the future, and am looking forward to the prospect of working with her and her partner again."

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