ASDA pays out £6000 for Glass Stuck in Finger of Mum-To-Be


Hand  InjuriesA woman on maternity leave was paid £6,000 by ASDA after a piece of glass from one of their picture frames went through her finger.

Whilst on maternity, the mum-to-be was out shopping when she bought a picture frame from ASDA. When she unwrapped the frame a small piece of loose glass, lying between the frame and the cellophane covering it, went through her right index finger.

Her finger started bleeding when the piece of glass snapped off.

Doctors in A&E tried to remove the glass under local anaesthetic, but were unsuccessful in removing it.

ASDA Make a Low First Offer

ASDA indicated their interest in the pregnant woman's claim and shortly after admitted their fault in the incident.

Initially, ASDA put forward an initial offer of compensation which we advised was too low. We felt that it was in the woman's best interests to wait for the ultrasound results, and this offer was rejected.

Simpson Millar then proceeded to obtain medical evidence. Following this the pregnant lady was referred to a hand clinic.

The results of an ultrasound revealed the exact position of the glass. The majority of it was removed except for a small slither which remained behind. At this point it was found that removing the slither of glass stuck in her finger ould cause more trouble.

Glass Stuck in Finger Results in £6,000 Compensation

As a result of the accident, picking up and pinching items became difficult for the injured lady and caused her a lot of pain. She experienced problems writing and typing, which made her job more challenging as she was right handed.

A settlement was finally reached in the total of £6,000 but our mum-to-be will always have a small piece of glass stuck in her finger.

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