A stonemason who lost work to injury receives £33,750


A stonemason who suffered a shoulder injury has received £33,750 in compensation.

Tripping on a kerb

The stonemason was walking back home after his van ran out of petrol. On his way he stumbled on a kerb that he couldn’t see, hurting his shoulder.

Shoulder Injuries

The stonemason thought the pain would ease over time and went home. He rested his shoulder and took pain killers. He did not seek medical attention at the time because he believed the pain would go over time and that his injuries were not that serious. He didn’t realise how bad his injuries were until a few days later when he couldn’t sleep. He continued to feel pain, discomfort and pins and needles in his right shoulder. He decided to go to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured right shoulder, as well as soft-tissue damage up his arm. His arm was put in a sling to aid his recovery. His injuries made everyday life difficult. Not only was his job affected, but daily activities such as tying his shoelaces, using the bathroom and cooking for himself became difficult tasks. A friend of his had to help him with some tasks on a daily basis.

He was forced to reduce his working hours from 5 days per week to around 2 ½ days per week, and change his duties. His job as a stonemason however required him to undertake heavy lifting therefore he ended up performing office based tasks during his recovery.

Simpson Millar LLP builds a case

The stonemason approached us to take on his injury claim. We were able to determine that the kerb was meant to be maintained by the local council, but wasn’t. We also started to gather evidence about how the injury had affected his life, and how the injury would affect his future earnings.

Based on this, we managed to negotiate a settlement for £33,750, all before the stonemason emigrated to Australia. This meant he could begin his new life, with a new job, and move on from his injury.

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