£5,700 compensation for shopper after slipping accident


As our client shopped in a supermarket in January 2012 she slipped on ice which had spilled onto an aisle floor.

supermarket slip personal injury claim

She rose from the floor and reported the incident at the deli counter, after which a staff member removed the ice with a cloth. Although our client was then able to report the matter to the shop's customer services desk, the fall had caused her to injure the soft tissue in her right wrist, lower back and left hip: facts substantiated by a subsequent medical report.

At the time of the accident, there were no signs in the shop to warn customers that the ice was on the floor and presented a risk.

We sought damages from the Defendant for contravening the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957, alleging fault for failures to operate a regular system of inspection, to remove the ice, to warn customers of its presence and to fence-off the area in its vicinity. We also alleged that the Defendant exposed our client to a foreseeable risk of harm.

This successful action led to a compensation award of £5,700 in our client's favour, with the Defendant admitting liability. Since we were able to quickly obtain medical evidence, we secured payment from the Defendant for the physiotherapy she needed to make a full recovery from her slipping accident.

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