£5,000 compensation following a knee injury at work


Simpson Millar recently helped a client to win £5,000 in compensation after he suffered a knee injury following a fall at work.

Knee Injury

On the day in question, our client was ascending the stairs leading into the entrance of his workplace. There were 3 steps leading to this entrance.

In front of him a colleague was taking his push bike up the stairs and into the building. This colleague then stopped and pulled the bike back, causing our client to lose his footing and fall down the stairs.

After reporting the incident to his manager our client sought medical advice. He was referred by his GP for an MRI scan and had to undergo surgery. This also resulted in our client having to take time off work.

Following the accident, the employers made a provision that all bikes must be parked outside to avoid a similar incident.

We wrote to the employers outlining our case and their breach of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This included: failing to risk assess employees taking their bikes into the building, failing to risk assess potential dangers in the workplace relating to this incident and failing to provide provisions elsewhere for employees who rode bicycles to work.

Although the defendant initially disputed liability we were able to win £5,000 compensation for our client's personal injury claim.

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