£500 for GMB member following minor injury at work


A GMB worker employed by a Sussex bus company won £500 compensation after a noticeboard fell on his head, causing him a bad scratch.

On 5 February 2013, the man was working at the company depot in Hove, near Brighton. As he removed a notice from a board in order to read it, the board fell and hit him on the head, just above his left eye.

The man felt immediate pain in his left eye and soreness all around his eye socket for 2 days. The accident left a mark which was an inch long and took 2 weeks to go. The man also suffered from headaches for a few days afterwards.

The GMB union instructed Simpson Millar to contact the firm alleging that, the company had failed in its duty to ensure that its employees were safe whilst carrying out their duties.

They had also not maintained the workplace and its equipment in an efficient state and in good repair. His employers had also failed to take suitable measures which would have prevented him being struck, as the notice board was propped against a window and not secured. Therefore, they had exposed all employees to a risk of injury which it knew was present.

"Our client was awarded £500 damages," said Simpson Millar's Carley-Anne Hurley, who acted for the worker. "This was a substantial award, given the thankfully very minor injuries that he sustained."

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