£4,850 injury compensation after faulty lift doors amputate shop worker's fingertip


Following an accident at work our client got in touch with our personal injury team to see if she could claim compensation for his injuries.

She worked at a food shop and was expected to use a lift in order to convey food from one level of the shop to another. However, she had received no training by her employer in the safe use of the lift. Although the on-shift manager knew the lift's doors were faulty, no steps had been taken to reduce the risk to staff members using it.

When the accident happened, our client was conveying foods between the shop's upper and lower levels, placing items in the lift for transport, then using the stairs herself.

When she got downstairs to recover the food, she saw the lift had not descended. Back on the upper level, she found the food was still in the stationary lift. She again tried to close the doors, which needed some force to properly connect the sensors and allow the lift to work. But on her 4th attempt, she trapped the middle finger of her right hand between the doors, causing a painful amputation to her fingertip.

As our client had to take around 7 weeks off work, we looked to recovering her loss of earnings as well as damages for her injuries within her personal injury claim.

Chris Hoyle in our Personal Injury team said: "With liability promptly admitted by the employer’s insurers, we were able to conclude the case in favour of our client within 10 months of sending the initial letter of claim. Our client was awarded compensation of £4,850."

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