£4,105 compensation for assistant who slipped over at care home


A care home assistant who fell because of a wet floor has successfully won compensation from her employers with the help of Simpson Millar.

Knee injury for care home assistant

Slip Hazard – Compensation Claim

The 59 year old mother-of-three was at work when the accident occurred. After completing her final residents' check before her shift finished, the lady was walking along a wet, freshly-mopped corridor when she slipped over.

After the accident she was upset and in pain. Although she did not take time off work she did have problems with having a bath and found it difficult to sleep. She found that her household chores and social life suffered as a result of the accident.

A medical examination revealed that she had suffered a soft tissue injury and bruising to her right knee.

The injured care worker was also seen by a physiotherapist for 4 sessions of private physiotherapy.

Employer's responsibility for accident

As a result of the lady's injuries Simpson Millar contacted her employers.

Initially, the care home argued that the floor had not been mopped and was dry, and that our client had simply lost her footing because she was walking too quickly.

However, this was contrasted by evidence from a co-worker, who confirmed that the floor had indeed been wet – an assertion given further backed up by an entry in the care home's Accident Book.

A staff member who claimed the corridor was dry also attested that 'wet floor' warning signs were in place. But if the floor was dry, there would have been no need for a 'wet floor' sign.

Her employer's also argued that the care assistant had been wearing badly-worn, ill-gripping slippers at the time of the accident. We were able to show that she was in fact wearing formal work shoes.

Compensation win for worker who slipped over

After its arguments had been exhausted, her employer's admitted their responsibility for the accident and her injuries.

Medical evidence recommended that our client should have further physiotherapy, of which cost we were able to include in the £4,105 compensation win.

"We were also able to recover the cost of earlier physiotherapy, which our client had paid for privately," said Simpson Millar's Manchester based Chris Hoyle, who acted for the care assistant. "It's ironic that our client was hurt at an establishment that is supposed to look after people. But this is a timely reminder that even in care homes, standards of health and safety can still be questionable."

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