£40,000 Awarded for Serious Injuries Caused by Flying Debris


Our client worked for the Royal Mail and was riding his scooter to work early one morning when a piece of polystyrene flew off an unsecured building and struck him.

Construction Site

Our client has no memory of the accident, in which loose debris struck him from his scooter - he woke up in hospital, incredibly confused, and in a great deal of pain with the injuries he suffered.

The Injuries Our Client Suffered

  • A broken right elbow – A number of wires needed to be inserted to fix the bone as well as an operation.
  • A significant head injury, extensive bruising, loss of consciousness and amnesia – The medical report found he now has a higher risk of developing post-traumatic epilepsy.
  • A number of fractures to the bones in his face – this has left numbness in the jaw.
  • Nerve damage to the left leg.

Daxa Patel specialises in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury litigation at Simpson Millar, and supported our client with his case. Daxa comments:

"Serious injuries like those suffered by my client in this case show just how devastating an accident can be – the injuries meant his life was severely affected for many months and he now lives with the risk of post traumatic epilepsy. This incident could have been avoided entirely had the building owner put the necessary safety provisions in place."

Compensation Awarded despite Challenges Proving Liability

Our client's memory loss made gathering the evidence to prove liability particularly challenging. Despite this, Daxa worked tirelessly and was able to secure a favourable £40,000 compensation award. It's hoped that this will go some way towards making up for the serious harm he suffered.

Daxa comments:

"It's important to hold those responsible for unnecessary injuries to account, just as it is important for our client to have received the compensation amount he needed to get his life back on track."

Daxa's client wishes to advise others to "always wear a full-face motorcycle helmet rather than an open face helmet", as he feels this may have minimised the head injuries he sustained. He also comments on the service he received:

"Simpson Millar Solicitors provided a very professional service during a difficult time. I would recommend them very highly."

How Can Simpson Millar Help You?

Personal injuries have the potential to cause severe pain and suffering, and can even change your life for good.

If you've suffered an injury that wasn't your fault, our Personal Injury Solicitors can help you access not just compensation, but also the rehabilitation and support you and your family may need. For specialist advice from our experienced team, get in touch today.

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