£3,912 awarded in employers liability injury claim


Our client was employed as a Therapy Assistant looking after patients with learning difficulties and mental health problems when she sustained an injury.

On the night of the accident the ward was short staffed with only two members of staff on duty, looking after 12 patients. One of the patients attacked our client who sustained a broken left wrist during the attack and was subsequently absent from work for 10 weeks following the accident.

The defendant initially tried to deny liability, maintaining that our client had been adequately trained and that staffing levels were sufficient. We were able to show that the patient in question should have been the subject of one to one care and that staffing levels were therefore inadequate.

After liability was conceded by the defendant's insurers, medical evidence was obtained and a settlement was negotiated to include reimbursement of our client's loss of earnings during her absence.

£3,912.19 compensation was awarded to our client for her Personal Injury Claim.

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