£2,500 Damages for Accident Claim after West Yorkshire Supermarket Injury


A lady who injured herself after using a faulty trolley at the supermarket has successfully won compensation for her accident claim with the help of Simpson Millar.

Supermarket Accident

Faulty trolley in supermarket

The lady was shopping at Morrisons in West Yorkshire for which needed a shopping trolley. When she first wheeled it from its storage aisle, the trolley seemed to be in good condition. She was able to complete her shopping without problem.

However, as she left the supermarket the trolley's back wheel jammed, forcing her to lift the trolley to free it. Although she was able to push the trolley a little further, the wheel jammed again and her left foot was caught.

Immediately the lady felt physically sick with excruciating pain. She could not go back into the store as she was closer to her car. Therefore she went and sat in her car where she composed herself for approximately 30 minutes.

When she arrived home her foot had swollen so much she had to be carried inside by her husband. Later that same day, she phoned the store to report her accident, but no-one answered the phone.

Accident claim for broken toe

When her foot was subsequently examined by a doctor and had x-rays taken. It turned out that she had snapped a bone in her toe. For some time, she was unable to walk or drive due to her injury, and was reliant on her family for assistance.

She was unable to perform her normal duties at work and was placed on light duties where she was not required to be on her feet for too long. Her family holiday abroad was also ruined as she was unable to participate in her usual holiday activities such as speedboat tides and long walks.

After visiting the hospital she again rang the store and this time spoke to a manager. She was advised that there was no first aider on shift to make an entry in the accident book.

On the shopper's behalf we wrote to Morrisons for failing to ensure the shopper was reasonably safe when using the store.

The supermarket had also exposed the lady to harm that was foreseeable risk of harm, because she was not warned about the danger and the store had failed to regularly inspect and repair the trolley.

Accident claim

Morrisons originally rejected the shopper's claim, but because of vigorous negotiations by Simpson Millar she won £2,500 compensation from the supermarket.

"The case was not far off being closed down, but this wouldn't have helped our client, who was badly hurt and forced to depend on her family for help for weeks after the accident."

"This was a good result that ensured our client would at least secure some recognition of culpability for her injuries," said Simpson Millar's Michelle Rhodes who acted for the injured shopper.

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