£2,000 burns injury claim uncontested by retailer


Simpson Millar encountered no resistance from a Newcastle retailer after a trainee employee claimed damages for a burns injury at work.

On 19 September 2012, our client was in training ahead of the opening of the store at the Metro Centre.

Accompanied by a trainer, he was getting to know the store's floor-cleaning practices using cleaning materials and a bucket of very hot water.

The employee had been warned not to overfill the bucket, since the trainer considered these items prone to breaking. Unfortunately, as our client lifted the bucket around 4 inches from the floor, its handle gave way, spilling its scalding contents over his legs and feet.

On the instruction of the worker, who was obliged to seek hospital treatment and dressings for his burns, we contacted the retailer claiming a number of breaches of its statutory duties. Among these were its failure to provide a safe place of work, adequate training and instruction, and that it exposed our client to a foreseeable risk of injury.

Four months later we received an admission of liability from the defendant, who offered to settle our client's compensation claim with an award of £2,000 without further medical evidence.

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