£1,500 compensation for injury in the workplace


We were approached by a client who needed assistance in making a claim for an injury he sustained in the workplace.

Our client was at work removing some straps on his 26 tonne vehicle. When removing the final strap, our client accidently dropped the ratchet that was used to loosen the straps on the floor. As he bent down to pick it up the loading door fell open and struck our client on the head. He sustained a laceration to the forehead.

Our client said that the latch was faulty and had previously been reported 3 times, one of those reports being made by him.

We managed to obtain as much information from the client as possible at the outset before making the claim which meant the matter could be resolved quickly. Within two months of accepting liability for the claim the defendant offered £1,500 compensation which was awarded to our client for his personal injury claim.

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