£1,400 damages for Dad who fell down drain in Worcester


A pedestrian who fell down a damaged drain in Worcester has won compensation of £1,400 from the housing association responsible for the area.

Drain Fall

When the accident happened our client was on his way to collect his daughter from school. As he walked over the drain in question, its cover gave way and caused him to fall, leaving him with one leg down the drain-hole and one leg out.

12 months for scars to heal

The accident caused cuts and bruises to both his legs and pain in his right groin area

The 32-year old dad was left feeling shocked and shaken. As well as painkillers, he was given a tetanus injection by his GP to prevent any infections.

A medical report duly confirmed the pedestrian had sustained cuts, as well as soft tissue and muscle damage to his leg.

He continued to suffer pain in his right groin for 5 weeks, whereas the scarring to his left knee took 12 months to heal.

Housing Association failed to ensure safety

Acting for the young dad, we contacted the housing association in Worcester responsible for the area where the accident occurred.

They had failed to maintain and repair the area, allowed a defect to be present which created a hazard, and failed to take sufficient care for the safety of pedestrians.

On the basis of medical evidence and Simpson Millar's successful negotiations, we were able to secure £1,400 compensation for the injured man.

Acting for the pedestrian, Simpson Millar's Chris Hoyle said: "This case highlights the need for all landowners, housing associations included, to ensure that the land owned by them and for which they're responsible is safe for everyone."

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