£120,000 Damages following a Swine Flu Vaccination


Following a vaccine for Swine Flu in 2009, a 10 year old boy developed a rare sleeping illness called Narcolepsy. After a complex and lengthy legal battle, where the government denied the claim that his illness was worth compensating for - the courts have agreed he was left severely disabled, and was due a large payout.


The £120,000 Damage Caused

After the vaccination, the boy’s condition was triggered; the vaccine, known as Pandemrix, was widely administered in the UK to combat the 2009/10 Swine Flu pandemic, and was used to vaccinate almost 1 million British children in the 6 months to 5 year age bracket.

Since he was vaccinated, the boy in question has suffered from Narcolepsy; falling asleep suddenly and unexpectedly. As well as this, he has developed Cataplexy - a very rare illness where strong emotion or laughter makes him suddenly collapse; his condition clearly has had a negative effect upon his muscle control.

There were no symptoms of this illness before he was vaccinated.

Daxa Patel comments: "It is interesting to note that the Pandemrix vaccine is no longer in use in the UK, and has been linked to narcolepsy in children from Finland, Sweden and Ireland. The very sizeable compensation awarded to the boy highlights the importance of having the right solicitor to represent your case – this is especially true when the person in question has been left with a life altering disability.

Each case should be treated on an individual basis, and our firm of Medical Negligence specialists here at Simpson Millar deal with cases such as the one explained here regularly."

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