Agricultural Property Disputes

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For many years, our Agricultural Solicitors have been advising farmers, farming businesses, landed estates and landowners on a wide range of disputes and contentious issues.

Our Solicitors can ease the pressures through solid, practical and comprehensive legal advice, helping you bring your dispute to resolution.

Our experience in agricultural property disputes enables us to assess each situation, tailoring our service directly to you.

We can provide litigation and assistance drawing up legally binding agreements in a cost-effective, professional manner, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Not all agreements can be settled, but don’t worry. We can assist in resolving the matter through the Courts if necessary. With our expertise, your rights as a landowner can be fully protected, and your disputes resolved.

For initial legal advice get in touch with our Agricultural Solicitors.

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More information on Property Disputes

We can advise on agricultural property disputes, including:

  • Boundary Issues
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Adverse possession claims (squatter’s rights)
  • Easements and restrictive covenants

Boundary Issues

Accounting for thousands of litigation cases each year, agricultural boundary disputes can take up time and effort for all parties. We can help ease the burden, to determine the true boundary between two properties and establish a legally binding agreement.

Landlord and Tenant Issues

We can ensure you know your rights of redress if you’re an agricultural landlord or tenant who feels their lease has been violated. We can invest maximum time and effort in resolving your property dispute, and provide a cost-effective, value-driven service.

We can also assist in ensuring that a variety of notices, such as rent reviews, notices to quit or notices to carry out repairs, are correctly drawn up and served to the other party.

Adverse Possession Claims

A key area all agricultural land owners must be aware of is adverse possession. Our strong background in this area can help you assert your title if needs be.

If you’ve been continually farming agricultural land that you don’t own for over 12 years, and the true owner hasn’t made use of the land in that time, then you may be able to claim ownership. Alternatively, you may have been given notice that someone is attempting to acquire your land by this very means.

Either way, we can put our expertise to work to ensure the best outcome for either party – our Agricultural Solicitors will be happy to discuss and offer full transparency of your rights.

Easements and Restrictive Covenants

An increasingly common issue facing agricultural landowners surrounds rights of way and other easements. These fall into three categories:

  • Easements – Rights that people have to do something on land that doesn’t belong to them
  • Profits à Prendre - Rights for non-owners to take something away from a piece of land
  • Restrictive Covenants – Rights for non-owners to a piece of land that will continue to bind future owners of that land

Our tailored, cost-effective service can help you determine whether any of these rights exist with regard to a particular property.

We make it our business to understand your rural business, and that’s how we’re able to provide the best possible legal advice that’s right for you.

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