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Business conditions in the UK are constantly changing and despite the passion, dedication and sheer hard work of business owners, a variety of challenges often stand in the way.

These require solid expert legal advice and guidance, so you and your business can move forward.

We believe in getting to know you and what’s important to you and your business.

Working with us, you’ll be dealing with Lawyers who’ll really get to understand you and the issues your business faces.

We’ll work in partnership with you, as part of your team, to make sure you get the support and advice that’s needed.

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Our Commercial Law Services

We can provide help, clear legal advice and support for areas including:

Our approach is to invest time and effort, at no cost to you, into understanding what matters to you.

By doing this, we’re able to provide the best possible and value-driven legal advice that’s right for you and your business.

Why Choose Simpson Millar?

Our promise to you - help to make your business a success.

You’re an expert in your field - and we’re experts in ours.

Bringing this knowledge together will help your business tackle the challenges it faces, and achieve the best possible results.

We want to work closely with you, understand what makes your business unique, and offer you services that will help you achieve your objectives.

So We Promise that You’ll Get:

Reliable Expertise

We’ll invest the time and effort needed to build a detailed picture of your business, and what matters to you. That way, we can provide the best advice to suit your needs.

Value Driven Rates

It’s all about having the right people, with the right skills, available to work with you when you need them.

We know that managing and implementing change in your business can be a challenge. So we aim to make sure our work is delivered in line with your expectations and your budget.

Straight Talking Legal Advice

You don’t have the time to wade through legalese.

So we’ll talk to you in plain English, using straightforward language that you can act on. You want certainty from your Solicitor, so we’ll always make sure you know where you stand.

Practical Solutions

You need certainty to be able to plan for the future of your business. And you need to know that the answers we give you will work for you.

So by getting to know what your business needs, we can give advice that will achieve the outcome you want.

Responsive Service

Some issues you may face in your business need quick answers. So we’re here when you need us, always aiming to give you those answers when you’re best able to use them.

We know that time is money, and you need to know that what you invest, in both respects, is going to produce a return.

Call us on 08002605010 or request a callback and we will help you.

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