Tachograph Offences

If you have been accused of breaching tachograph legislation, you could be at risk of prosecution. The rules governing the logistics sector in regards to drivers and operators is complex and needs expert legal advice.

Tachograph Offences

Breaching this type of law not only puts you at risk, but also the reputation of your employer.

The law on tachograph offences

If you drive a vehicle over a certain weight (7.5 tonnes), you'll know there is a complex web of legislation that has to be adhered to. The law in this area frequently changes and if these changes are missed, you leave yourself open to prosecution.

For both the individuals and the businesses, there are strict technical requirements. Breaking the law can lead to potentially serious consequences.

A business won't be able to monitor their drivers at all times, but there are systems that you can put in place to make sure that both you as an employer, and your drivers fulfil all obligations.

What we can do for you

The most valuable asset of many businesses will be their vehicle operators' licence, so implementing effective systems to avoid tachograph breaches is essential. We can also help to limit the damage in the event of a prosecution.

We can work with you to preserve your business and your reputation by using our legal expertise after an alleged tachograph offence. If you're called to a Public Inquiry, Magistrates court hearing or driver conduct hearing make us your first call for legal advice.


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