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If you work in the logistics industry, if you come across a legal problem you'll want a solicitor who is experienced and can offer a complete service. We can offer you representation in road transport, employment, corporate and litigation matters.

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Logistics and the law

Issues in the logistics industry can range from allegations of tachograph offences to defective or overloaded vehicle cases, and even problems with aggrieved employees. All of these require specialist knowledge that can be delivered to you by an experienced motoring offences solicitor.

If the worst happens, we can try to help you pick up the pieces and keep your business running even after the event.

What we can do for you

We will be able to give you a clear and practical view of your situation because we'll take the time to get to know you and your business. This will allow us to put you in a position to make proper informed decisions about your business and the people that work for you.

We target our advice to be solution driven by proactively identifying risks and challenges. We will work quickly and efficiently to resolve your case and made sure it comes to a satisfactory conclusion.

You should feel that we are part of your organisation, working with you to better your business and make a real difference. Our aim is to achieve your objectives this way and put your mind at ease when a situation arises in which you may need legal advice.


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Defending Against a Motoring Offence โ€“ What does it cost?
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  • a range of funding arrangements including conditional or contingency fee agreements in suitable cases

Motoring offence law solicitors

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