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What is a pre-nuptial agreement?

Sometimes called a 'pre-marital agreement' or 'pre-nup', a pre-nuptial agreement is a contract entered into before, or sometimes during, a marriage.

It sets out the conditions relating to your respective assets, and their division, that would apply if you were divorced and your marriage was dissolved.

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Our pre-nuptial agreement solicitors can help you. If you would like a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up or have an existing pre-nup amended – or you'd simply like to talk through pre-nups with a friendly, expert family solicitor:

Is a pre-nup legally binding?

Many countries throughout the world legally recognise the validity of pre-nups but they are not legally binding in England and Wales at the current time.

However, Pre-nuptial agreements are increasingly taken into account when divorce decrees are granted.

In the event of separation or a divorce, the Judge will consider the agreement as a relevant circumstance of the case if the provisions are reasonable and certain conditions are met. These conditions are as follows:

  • The Agreement is more likely to be upheld if the parties obtain independent legal advice before the Agreement is entered into
  • Both parties should provide full financial disclosure detailing their respective financial position and circumstances
  • There should be no evidence that any pressure was brought to bear on either party to enter into the Agreement, and that the Agreement was entered into voluntarily prior to the marriage.

There's a legal precedent for pre-nup’s: in 1 case in 2003, a divorce court enforced the provisions of a pre-nup agreement, allowing the wealthier partner to keep a greater percentage of the marital assets.

Since then, there have been many cases following this principle, so expect pre-nups to become legally-binding in England and Wales soon.

Do pre-nups favour the wealthier partner?

Sometimes a pre-nup can allow a wealthier partner to ring fence and keep certain assets from being considered as marital; ie; subject to being divided between the two of you.

This is particularly important when one party wants to secure inherited family assets. One party might also have married later in life, perhaps for a second time; it's not unreasonable to want to protect assets owned before a couple met.

How is a pre-nuptial agreement set up?

The pre-nup is a formal agreement which is made in writing. You both need to have made full and frank disclosure of the final advance decisions, and you both must have separate legal advice.

Can I only set up a pre-nuptial agreement before I get married?

It is possible to enter into an agreement during the marriage eg a post-nuptial agreement.

How will my children be affected?

If you have children you must contain provisions for them in the pre-nup for the court to consider.

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