Court of Protection

What is it?

When an individual is found to lack the capacity to make a decision, within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 , it becomes necessary for those involved with their care (including perhaps the local authority, NHS Trust and/or family members) to step in and consider what decisions should be made in that person’s best interests.

If disputes arise between the people making those decisions, which cannot be resolved, it may, as a last resort, be necessary to seek assistance from the Court of Protection.

Legal Services - Mental and Physical Capacity, Power of Attorney

Our specialist solicitors provide advice, assistance and representation to those believed to lack capacity and/or their family members and advocates. This can be done both in relation to the early stages of disputes and, if necessary, in relation to applications made to the Court of Protection.

Court of Protection's Powers

The Court of Protection is there to protect vulnerable people and has the power to:

  • Decide if a person has capacity to make a decision for themselves and if not, to make it for them
  • Make decisions on financial or health and welfare matters for that person, including resolving disputes between individuals involved in that person’s care, as to what is in their best interests
  • Appoint deputies to take decisions on that person’s behalf, and ensure that the deputy so appointed acts correctly – if they do not the Court of Protection has the right to remove them
  • Decide on the validity of a lasting power of attorney or enduring power of attorney, and also to hear cases regarding objections to these legal documents

Our Legal Experts

Our Court of Protection team, headed by Julie Cornes and Angela Jackman who are recognised as "leaders in the field", is highly recognised by Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500. Our deprivation of liberty team is comprised of three partners, five solicitors and several legally qualified support staff.

We have acted in a number of important cases which have developed the law in relation to Relevant Person's Representatives when acting as litigation friend to a person deprived of their liberty in Court of Protection cases. For example, we conducted the landmark case of AB v LCC & Care Manager of BCH which established that a Relevant Person's Representative can properly act as litigation friend in DOLS proceedings.


Julie Cornes and Angela Jackman ‘go beyond the call of duty to get the right outcome for their clients'. The firm handles a mix of work including challenges on behalf of patients and relatives in a deprivation of liberty context, and disputes about medical treatment. Its recent work includes representing a patient in a judicial review challenging a past unlawful detention. Legal 500 2014

Our Expertise:

  • We have particular experience of acting in high value personal injury or medical negligence cases where loss of capacity has occurred and it is essential for the Deputy to work closely with the legal team recovering compensation, prior to settlement of the claim
  • We can give advice on and prepare Lasting Power of Attorneys
  • Our Independent Financial Advisor can provide financial advice to claimants' representatives, including deputies and the trustees of personal injury trusts. A legal settlement may need to last for many years. It is therefore important that ongoing financial advice is taken to help achieve individual financial objectives... Read our financial guide here

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