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Adrian Fawden - Personal Injury and Occupational Illness Solicitor - London and Taunton

Adrian Fawden
Partner, Personal Injury

Aneeqa Ali - Employment Law Solicitor - Wimbledon, London

Aneeqa Ali
Solicitor, Employment Law

Bryan Nott - Director of Personal Legal Services - Birmingham

Bryan Nott
Director of Personal Legal Services

David Thomas - Medical Negligence Solicitor - London

David Thomas
Partner, Medical Negligence

Emma Costin - Director of Complex Personal Injury - Bristol

Emma Costin
Director of Complex Personal Injury

Gary Frith - Personal Injury Litigation Executive - Wimbledon

Gary Frith
Litigation Executive, Personal Injury

Gary Tierney - Personal Injury Solicitor - Wimbledon, London

Gary Tierney
Partner, Personal Injury

Howard Davies - Personal Injury Solicitor - Birmingham

Howard Davies
Partner, Personal Injury

James Blower - Senior Holiday Claims Solicitor - Manchester

James Blower
Senior Solicitor, Holiday Claims

Janet Cooper - Care Homes Recovery Solicitor - Leeds/Gateshead

Janet Cooper
Head of Care Home Claims

Joy Drummond - Employment Law Solicitor - London

Joy Drummond
Partner, Employment Law

Julie Dudson | Partner, Medical Negligence | Simpson Millar LLP - Leeds

Julie Dudson
Partner, Medical Negligence

Lisa Wright - Personal Injury Solicitor - Manchester

Lisa Wright
Associate & Chartered Legal Executive, Personal Injury

Maeve McCusker | Associate Solicitor, Personal Injury | Simpson Millar LLP - Bristol

Maeve McCusker
Associate, Personal Injury

Parveen Attri - Family Law Solicitor - Birmingham

Parveen Attri
Associate, Family Law

Paul Hicks -  Family Law Solicitor - Bristol and Cardiff

Paul Hicks
Associate, Family Law (Bristol & Cardiff)

Paul Stevens - Associate/Group Travel Litigation Claims Manager - Manchester

Paul Stevens
Associate, Group Travel Litigation Claims Manager

Penny Stead - Medical Negligence Solicitor - Leeds

Penny Stead
Solicitor, Medical Negligence

Phillip Gower - Work Related Illness and Head Injury Solicitor - Cardiff

Phillip Gower
Partner, Industrial Disease

Ruth Magee - Personal Injury Solicitor - Manchester

Ruth Magee
Associate, Personal Injury

Sarah Grogan - Medical Negligence Solicitor - Leeds

Sarah Grogan
Partner, Medical Negligence

Simon Lomax - Holiday Accident and Illness Claims Lawyer - Manchester

Simon Lomax
Holiday Accident & Illness Claims Manager

Susan Vanden - Road Traffic Accident Specialist - Manchester

Susan Vanden
Partner, Joint Head of Road Traffic Accidents

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