West Midlands Hazards Trust Annual General Meeting


The West Midlands Hazards Trust (which includes Asbestos Support West Midlands)AGM is to take place at Imperial House, 31 Temple Street, Birmingham, B2 5DB at 6.15pm on Tuesday 13th October.

Following the AGM Hillary Cross, industrial toxicologist is due to speak about cancer-causing substances in the workplace.

As well as the better known occupational causes of cancer, which include asbestos, ultraviolet radiation from the sun and wood dust, Hillary Cross is expected to touch upon the less well-known causes of cancer from exposures in the workplace, such as arsenic, diesel exhaust fumes (which is particularly topical given the current scandal surrounding VW diesel vehicles) and metalworking fluids along with mineral oils.

All are welcome to attend the AGM and the talk, although should you wish to vote at the AGM non-members will have the opportunity of joining the Trust on the night.

Gavin Evans, Partner and Head of the Industrial Disease department at Simpson Millar comments:

“Industrial diseases remain an important focus at Simpson Millar, despite the decline in heavy industry in recent years. Exposures to carcinogenic substances at work many years ago are in many cases only causing symptoms now and can cause very serious health problems. The dangers of asbestos are now widely known, but exposures to other substances in the workplace can also cause ill health later in life."

The current scandal over VW diesel vehicles is a timely reminder of how unscrupulous corporate behaviour can potentially lead to significant health problems. Diesel fumes have been proved to cause cancer and many people are likely to have been misled into thinking that the exhaust emissions from these vehicles were safer than they actually were.”

The excellent research of experts such as Hillary Cross is helping to identify sources of exposure which can potentially lead to an employee developing an industrial disease in later life, and this improves both medical knowledge and health and safety laws.

Thanks to the fabulous support and tireless efforts of bodies like the West Midlands Hazards Trust (which incorporates Asbestos Support West Midlands) dangers in the workplace are being constantly  identified and eliminated, making the workplace a safer place.”

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