The True Cost of Illness and Accidents Abroad


A Post Office survey has revealed the real cost of holiday accidents and illnesses through a study. Failing to take out travel insurance could leave you out of luck and out of pocket.

The True Cost of Illness and Accidents Abroad

Rising Costs of Accidents and Injuries

Around 4.4 million holiday-makers became victims of injuries abroad over the last 3 years, costing billions according to research published by the Post Office Insurance. The most common injuries included animal and insect bites, jellyfish and stingray stings. But, more serious injuries included things like food poisoning which affected 14%, sunstroke or severe sunburn at 8%.

Slips and trips around the pool were also high with around 20% of holidaymakers falling victim with the same amount falling down stairs or becoming injured whilst swimming, snorkelling or diving.

20% of holidaymakers slipped or fell around swimming pools - have you been injured on holiday?

Most of the injuries suffered by holiday goers cost them relatively small amounts of money, ranging anywhere from £47 to £150 for bathroom falls. But, those not covered by travel insurance could find themselves paying even more after leaving themselves exposed to risks.

More accidents happened to UK holidaymakers in Spain than anywhere else

Multiple accidents were not uncommon costing some up to £7,500. But, the real shock came when it was discovered that most accidents suffered by UK holidaymakers happened in Spain than anywhere else.

Turkey was the main culprit for food poisoning, with 10% of incidents taking place here. This is something that we at Simpson Millar LLP are extremely familiar with, especially with the number of holiday illness breakouts we've seen over the past few weeks.

10% of food poisoning incidents were in Turkey

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Many believe that a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles them to the treatment they need when travelling around Europe, but this isn't true for the most part. It only entitles you to state- provided health care. The Post Office also found that in some cases, the EHIC is being refused, leaving the holiday maker to foot the entire bill themselves.

38% settled bills by credit or debit card, 1 in 7 resorted to using their savings ...when it came to holiday accidents or illness

If you've been put in a situation where you have travel insurance and you've fallen ill at a holiday resort, we can help you to gain holiday accident or illness compensation to cover the cost when you get back to the UK.

Whether you're travelling as a family on a package holiday or you wish to pursue a group claim, we can get you the legal advice you need to pursue a claim.

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