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Simpson Millar's Road Traffic Accident specialists comment on the latest news, providing expert opinion on legal changes and compensation claims for car, cyclist and pedestrian accidents.
A Guide to Winter Road Hazards

Time icon 13 January 2017 | Person icon Susan Vanden

Susan Vanden, Partner and Head of Road Traffic Accidents at Simpson Millar, looks at hazards on UK roads in winter and how they result in serious injuries

Blitzing Drink and Drug Drivers

Time icon 12 September 2016 | Person icon Rose Gibson

Earlier this year, police launched a blitz on summertime drink and drug drivers, resulting in some sobering statistics.

Contentious Road Traffic Accident Results In £52,315.27 Compensation

Time icon 15 August 2016 | Person icon Jonathan Grundy

In the immediate aftermath of a serious road traffic accident the work of the police is vital in establishing the circumstances of the incident.

UPDATE: Changes to Whiplash Law

Time icon 28 July 2016 | Person icon Susan Vanden

Within the past 18 months the Government has changed how courts can treat people who exaggerate the level of their injuries in Road Traffic Accident claims

Potholes Are Continuing to Get Worse: Our Expert Answers Your Questions

Time icon 29 January 2016 | Person icon Simon Stanfield

In the winter months, potholes become worse and are often a hidden danger

Road Safety Awareness Week – Have You Taken The Pledge?

Time icon 25 November 2015 | Person icon Susan Vanden

Road Safety Awareness Week is upon us – and it is important to recognise how your safety is your right.

How Do You Get To Work and What Does It Say About You?

Time icon 23 November 2015 | Person icon Susan Vanden

November 23 to 29 is Road Safety Week. Its a time for reflection on what we can do as drivers to make every journey that little bit safer.

£2,205 in Compensation for Woman Injured on Public Transport

Time icon 27 August 2015 | Person icon Susan Vanden

Alexandra Dunn based in Manchester recently helped a client receive £2205 in compensation after they were injured in an accident on public transport.

Summertime On The Roads: A Question and Answer Session With Our Experts

Time icon 1 July 2015 | Person icon Susan Vanden

With many people taking advantage of the sun and going on breaks, we often see a build up of traffic in the usual hot spots, which causes more accidents.

Get Smart on Cycling Safety for the Tour de Yorkshire

Time icon 30 April 2015 | Person icon Susan Vanden

The Tour de Yorkshire is set to start on May 1st, and thousands are travelling to see the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Marcel Kittel competing in the 3

Winter Is Coming… To The Roads

Time icon 29 January 2015 | Person icon Susan Vanden

We accept that us Brits aren't very good at being happy with the weather, but we also like the idea of a winter snowfall.

The First National Pothole Day - Small But Damaging

Time icon 16 January 2015 | Person icon Susan Vanden

The British roads are suffering from chronic under-investment and a lack of some good TLC.

Road Safety Week – Doing Your Bit Using The 'Street Repairs' App

Time icon 21 November 2014 | Person icon Melanie Burden

Reporting problems with roads and streets is now included, using an app called StreetRepairs.

Do You Require Treatment To Make a Whiplash Claim?

Time icon 17 November 2014 | Person icon Sophie Williamson

There are stories about "cash for crash" schemes, but innocent drivers are hit on our roads every day and need the law’s help to get back on their feet

Bicycle Accidents On The Increase... But Why?

Time icon 18 September 2014 | Person icon Susan Vanden

Around 15" of adults cycled at least once a month between 2012 and 2013, according to statistics from the Department for Transport.

Whiplashed Bus Passenger Compensated Following Shunt at Traffic Lights

Time icon 1 September 2014 | Person icon Sophie Williamson

A Kent bus passenger who sustained injuries after a road traffic accident has been awarded damages.

You may be Aware of the Road, but are you Aware of the Rules?

Time icon 29 August 2014 | Person icon Susan Vanden

We all know mirror, signal, manoeuvre, being generally aware of our surroundings on the road is obvious, and drilled into us as soon as we learn to drive.

Postman 'Shunted' During Delivery Drive

Time icon 27 August 2014 | Person icon Susan Vanden

We recently assisted a Lancashire postal driver has been awarded damages following injuries sustained in a collision.

"Drug Driving is a Menace" - Brake

Time icon 21 August 2014 | Person icon Susan Vanden

Around 3% of drivers surveyed admitted to getting behind the wheel and driving under the influence of illegal substances in the past 12 months.

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