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Slip On Wet Floor Causes Long-Term Complications

13 March 2017 | Jonathan Thursby

A Personal Injury Solicitor explains a case that saw a client claim compensation after she fractured her hip on a wet floor

Have You Suffered A Dog Bite?

13 March 2017 | Ruth Magee

After a Postman suffered a dog bite while delivering mail, the Personal Injury team at Simpson Millar were able to help him claim compensation

Poor Equipment Causes Injury To Royal Mail Worker

10 March 2017 | Ruth Magee

Personal Injury specialist Ruth Magee explains how she gained compensation for a Royal Mail employee after a defective bicycle caused an injury

Overdue Compensation Changes Set To Ensure Injury Sufferers Receive Fair Settlements

9 March 2017 | Jonathan Thursby

The discount rate applied to compensation payments is set to change, find out what this could mean for claimants and for the cost of insurance premiums

Train Station Trip Causes Permanent Scarring & Soft Tissue Injuries

22 February 2017 | Jonathan Thursby

Our client suffered a serious personal injury when he tripped at Slough train station, find out how we helped him made a claim against the negligent occupier

Can I Be Sued By A Delivery Driver?

16 February 2017 | Dawn Rose

If a delivery driver, postal worker or tradesman is injured accessing your property, can they sue you?

Is Your Furniture Safe For Children?

23 January 2017 | Nicola Duff

With widespread reports that furniture is causing children serious injury and harm, a Personal Injury solicitor explains how you can make sure your home is safe

Serious Injury Results In £2.2m Fine For Retailer

13 January 2017 | Nicola Duff

Reacting to a large national retailer being fined £2.2m for a health and safety breach, a personal injury solicitor explains how compensation can help after an accident at work

Unsafe Steps Result In Long-Term Loss Of Amenity

22 December 2016 | Jonathan Thursby

After a client fell on a step that was in a poor state of repair, one of Simpson Millars personal injury solicitors sought compensation for lost amenity

Accident In The Workplace: A Case Study

19 December 2016 | Gary Tierney

A man who hurt his foot at work successfully claimed compensation. Click through to read the case study.

Agnieszka Lipko Wins At Personal Injury Awards

29 November 2016 | Agnieszka Lipko

Our very own Agnieszka Lipko won big last week as she took home the prestigious Young Achiever of the Year 2016 Award on Friday

Whiplash Reforms: What Could They Mean For Motorists?

18 November 2016 | Rose Gibson

After the Government announced that they will be pushing on with reforms to whiplash claims, a Personal Injury Solicitor explains the affects for motorists

High Court Orders End To Prison Strikes

17 November 2016 | Anna Thompson

The High Court has ordered that prison officers return to work, after 10,000 officers staged a walk out over unsafe work conditions

Foot And Ankle Injuries FAQs

10 November 2016 | Anna Thompson

How can you claim compensation for a foot or ankle injury that leads to post-traumatic arthritis? Read our FAQs to find out.

Tattoo Epidemic Raises Health & Safety Questions

10 November 2016 | Anna Thompson

With the UK in the midst of a tattoo epidemic, a personal injury solicitor explains the compensation you can claim if your tattoo goes wrong

Rise In Prison Attacks Prompts Extra Staffing Commitment

8 November 2016 | Anna Thompson

After a report showed that the number of assaults on prison staff increased by 43%, the Home Secretary has committed to hiring thousands of new staff

Staying Safe While Cycling In The Winter

2 November 2016 | Maeve McCusker

With winter posing serious safety risks to cyclists, a personal injury specialist shares some safety tips to ensure you can cycle throughout the colder mon

Funding Figures Suggest Mental Health Budgets Continue To Be Cut

21 October 2016 | Anna Thompson

Reports suggest 40% of mental health trusts in England are facing budget cuts, a Personal Injury Solicitor explains the danger of underfunded care.

Could Alternative Treatments Tackle Complex Conditions?

18 October 2016 | Thaminah Ali

With alternative treatments like cupping in the media spotlight, a Personal Injury Paralegal analyses their effectiveness on complex conditions

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