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Funding Figures Suggest Mental Health Budgets Continue To Be Cut

21 October 2016 | Anna Thompson

Reports suggest 40% of mental health trusts in England are facing budget cuts, a Personal Injury Solicitor explains the danger of underfunded care.

Could Alternative Treatments Tackle Complex Conditions?

18 October 2016 | Thaminah Ali

With alternative treatments like cupping in the media spotlight, a Personal Injury Paralegal analyses their effectiveness on complex conditions

Government Puts Brakes On Whiplash Reforms

13 October 2016 | Anna Thompson

Whiplash reforms proposed by George Osborne have been put on hold by the MoJ, a personal injury specialist responds to the arguments of insurers

Cyclist Wins Claim For Pothole Lane Injuries

11 October 2016 | Lisa Wright

Cyclist falls off bike and injures himself on poorly maintained road. Read how Simpson Millar went on to win him compensation for the accident.

Explaining The Duty To Mitigate Loss During A Compensation Claim

11 October 2016 | Nicola Hardy

When you claim compensation, you take on a duty to mitigate losses caused by an accident. A Personal Injury specialist explains the process.

World Mental Health Day Shines Light On Psychological First Aid

10 October 2016 | Anna Thompson

To mark World Mental Health Day, a Personal Injury specialist discusses how their clients suffer from conditions such as PTSD after an accident or trauma

Sunken Paving Slabs Result in Payout for Personal Injury Claimant

7 October 2016 | Lisa Wright

A client damaged their ankle on sunken paving. Find out how, with the help of Simpson Millar, they went on to win £4,000 in compensation.

One In Seven UK Takeaways Fail Food Hygiene Tests

7 October 2016 | Dawn Rose

Reports suggest that one in seven UK takeaways have failed food hygiene tests, a product liability specialist explains what this could mean for customers

Chronic Illness Sufferers To Avoid Re-Tests For ESA Payments

6 October 2016 | Melanie Burden

The government have announced that ESA benefit payment re-tests are to be scrapped for claimants suffering from a long-term condition

British Supermarkets Stocking MRSA Variant Pork

4 October 2016 | Dawn Rose

A study has revealed that British supermarkets are stocking UK-produced pork that is infected with an MRSA variant; a product liability expert discusses

Study Crowdsources Information On How Weather Affects Chronic Pain

30 September 2016 | Dawn Rose

A study by the University of Manchester is looking to correlate whether the weather affects the symptoms of pain, what could this study mean

TV Doctor Calls For Prescription Overhaul For Chronic Pain

27 September 2016 | Anna Thompson

A BBC documentary is attempting to tackle overmedication, as a TV doctor attempts a multi-disciplinary approach to treating chronic pain

Dog Causes Personal Injury And £16,000 Settlement For Postal Worker

27 September 2016 | Ruth Magee

Find out how we helped a postal worker recover from their injuries after they fell and suffered an injury while running from a dangerous dog

Staying Safe Around Sharp Tools In The Garden

13 September 2016 | Claire Roantree

As part of Simpson Millars garden safety campaign, we share some key safety tips for sharp gardening tools.

Horrific Accident Prompts Warning Of Bio-Ethanol Burners

7 September 2016 | Claire Roantree

After dealing with a compensation case for severe burns, Simpson Millar LLP issue a stark warning of popular bio-ethanol burners.

Study Suggests Virtual Reality Technology Could Help Relieve Chronic Pain

7 September 2016 | Lisa Wright

Legal Executive Lisa Wright at Simpson Millar responds to a recent study that showed that virtual reality headsets could be used to deal with chronic pain.

Virtual Reality Technology Helps Paraplegics Feel Their Legs

23 August 2016 | David Erwin

Simpson Millars Partner in Serious Personal Injury comments on research that shows technology could help the rehabilitation process for serious injuries

The Blood, Sweat And Fractures Of Rio 2016

16 August 2016 | Anna Thompson

A wave of devastating injuries, both in events and training, has led to questions over competitor safety at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Golf Spectator Needs Stitches After Being Injured By A Golf Ball

15 August 2016 | Kimberley Jackson

With the success of champion Jimmy Walker in the recent PGA and golfing season, Simpson Millar considers the serious consequences of golf ball injuries

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