New Autism School To Be Built In Essex


Epping Forest District Council have approved a new school of excellence for young people with autism. Up to 128 pupils between the ages of 4 and 25 may benefit from the specialist education there.


The school is intended to cater for children across the area of Essex whilst providing a games area, kitchen, garden and playing fields all on the former Spurs Lodge training centre in Chigwell. The project will be delivered in association with the Anderson Foundation and their beneficiaries, the National Autistic Society (NAS). The wider community may be able to benefit from the services of the school by using outreach provisions provided by the Autism Diagnostic Research Centre.

Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, said, "This fantastic scheme will ensure that the long term interests of the community are served through the delivery of a high quality school for young people with Autism."

This great news comes right before World Autism Awareness Week in which people will be encouraged to 'Stand Out for Autism'. The idea is to encourage people to do things that stand out to raise money for the autism charity such as sky diving, bake sales, wearing a onesie or participating in any of the upcoming events across the course of the week. This is also followed by the UN World Autism Awareness Day which is focusing on rights and opportunities in employment.

Get Help for Your Child

School is the place where children should gain the skills and qualifications they need to progress through life but it so often can be the case that children with special educational needs (SEN) are left behind as they do not get the support they need. Getting the right provision for your child while they're in school is the first step to helping them find employment in the future and/or carry on to appropriate further education.

More specialist schools are needed at various locations across the country which could allow autistic children access to a specialist education that is able to meet their needs but in the meantime, we must work with the system we have which is far from satisfactory. Parents are still trying to navigate the transition arrangements from the statementing system to Education Care and Health Plans, making it an uncertain time for families out there. Any time delay in securing suitable provision for your child only serves to increase the problem.

We have a number of special educational needs solicitors at Simpson Millar that will be able to help you to secure suitable provision and make sure they get the help they need in the classroom.

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