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NHS Sued Over Mesh Implants

Time icon 21 April 2017 | Person icon Daxa Patel

More than 800 women are suing NHS over vaginal mesh implants that left them with crippling injuries. Have you been affected?

NHS Cuts Threaten Patient Care

Time icon 13 March 2017 | Person icon Daxa Patel

The NHS is in crisis and funding is down. Read how the cuts threaten patient care and will lead to a rise in instances of medical negligence

Hospital Overcrowding And Compensation Q&A

Time icon 10 February 2017 | Person icon Daxa Patel

If you have suffered harm as a result of hospital overcrowding, you may be entitled to compensation. Read our Q&A.

Missed Diagnosis Led To 24 Year Old's Death

Time icon 9 February 2017 | Person icon Victoria Clark

Repeated misdiagnoses led to the death of a 24 year old woman from a brain tumour.

Undiagnosed Disease Leads To Dental Negligence Claim

Time icon 25 January 2017 | Person icon Sarah Chambers

A client, whose dental disease went undiagnosed for 9 years, pursued a Dental Negligence claim through Simpson Millar. This is their story.

NHS Delays Q&A

Time icon 22 December 2016 | Person icon Victoria Clark

Suffered a delay in NHS treatment or ambulance response time? Here is what you need to know.

Plans To Centralise NHS Treatments Could Cost Lives

Time icon 20 December 2016 | Person icon Kay Barnes

Responding to plans to centralise NHS treatments, a former midwife and Senior Medical Negligence Solicitor explains how the move could risk lives

Hospital Fails To Diagnose Illness Resulting In Death Of Patient

Time icon 13 December 2016 | Person icon David Thomas

Widow speaks out as coroner confirms hospital staff 3 times failed to diagnose illness that led to Sandy grandfathers death

Mother Sues Medical Professional For Not Warning Of Risks From Epilepsy Drug

Time icon 1 December 2016 | Person icon Victoria Clark

A mother claims damages from a healthcare consultant she alleges did not warn of the pregnancy risks associated with her epilepsy treatment.

Avoidable Incidents At NHS Hospitals Raise Questions Over Deaths In Childbirth

Time icon 30 November 2016 | Person icon Daxa Patel

A medical negligence solicitor responds to the news that two health boards offer poor maternity care and were blamed for childbirth injuries and deaths

Medical Negligence Partner Publishes Practical Guidance

Time icon 15 November 2016 | Person icon Geoffrey Simpson-Scott

Geoffrey Simpson-Scott, Medical Negligence Partner at Simpson Millar, has published practical guidance for Clinical Negligence practitioners post-Jackson

Desperate Man Amputates Own Toes Following Cancelled Operation

Time icon 8 November 2016 | Person icon Victoria Clark

A man cut two of his own toes off after they turned gangrenous following a cancelled operation. Click through to read more of this gruesome tale.

Inspectors Raise Safety Concerns About Majority Of A&E Units In England

Time icon 24 October 2016 | Person icon Daxa Patel

As the CQC publish their annual State of Care report, a medical negligence specialist explains how cuts in care budgets causes a strain to A&E departements

Midwifes Medical Negligence Results in Ban

Time icon 24 October 2016 | Person icon Daxa Patel

A midwife, whose medical negligence contributed to the death of a 9 day old baby, has been struck off.

Sepsis Kills Interior Designer After Going Undiagnosed

Time icon 19 October 2016 | Person icon Kay Barnes

An interior designer died after her Sepsis symptoms were missed and left untreated by the hospital to which she was admitted after collapsing.

Survey Finds NHS Is The Most Widely Held Public Concern

Time icon 17 October 2016 | Person icon Ramune Mickeviciute

A survey has found that the public have ranked the NHS as one of the biggest public concerns, a medical negligence specialist examines why this could be

MPs Share Traumatic Experiences For Baby Loss Awareness Week

Time icon 14 October 2016 | Person icon Daxa Patel

With Baby Loss Awareness Week supporting those affected by stillbirth and neonatal death, two MPs have shared their traumatic experiences of losing babies

Inadequate Budgets Mean GP Receptionists are Left to Vet Patients

Time icon 12 October 2016 | Person icon Daxa Patel

A recent survey reveals one of the major barriers to seeing a GP is being quizzed by a receptionist.

Proposed Maternity Unit Closures Prompts Protests

Time icon 10 October 2016 | Person icon Kay Barnes

With protestors opposing proposals to close maternity units, a medical negligence expert, and former midwife, explains the dangers of child birth.

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