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Are NHS Cuts Forcing Brits To Go Overseas For Cataract Treatment?

19 September 2016 | Geoffrey Simpson-Scott

18% of Cataract sufferers who have not yet had surgery would consider going abroad for treatment due to growing concerns about NHS funding.

Sepsis FAQ

16 September 2016 | Daxa Patel

Sepsis – often, incorrectly, referred to as septicaemia – affects 150,000 people in the UK each year.

Patients Undergoing Night-time Surgery Twice as Likely to Die

7 September 2016 | Daxa Patel

A recent study has shown that patients operated on during the night were twice as likely to die as those undergoing daytime surgery.

Drugs Tested on Children Without Consent

30 August 2016 | Geoffrey Simpson-Scott

National Archive files reveal that a North Yorkshire Approved School sanctioned use of experimental drugs on children during the 1960s without consent.

Dental Negligence Proven By General Dental Council

25 August 2016 | Daxa Patel

Allegations against a negligent dentist that caused the biggest NHS patient recall in history have been proven by the dental regulatory body

Nurse Struck Off From Practice For "Posing A Significant Risk To Patients"

24 August 2016 | Daxa Patel

A nurse has been struck off from her practice for posing a significant risk to patients. Simpson Millars medical negligence expert responds.

Telemedicine Technology Could Help Patients Access Immediate Care

23 August 2016 | Ramune Mickeviciute

With the use of telemedicine technology increasing, Ramune Mickeviciute looks at how its rise in usage could affect patients

Complications In Bariatric Surgery

22 August 2016 | Justin Glenister

Senior Associate, Justin Glenister explains the issues with Bariatric surgery and the importance of competent medical care from healthcare professionals.

Fast Surgical Intervention Required For Testicular Torsion

22 August 2016 | Justin Glenister

Testicular torsion caused by a twisting of the male genitalia requires immediate attention if the testis is to be saved, a medical negligence expert warns.

NHS Figures Highlight Missed Treatment Targets

16 August 2016 | Geoffrey Simpson-Scott

NHS treatment figures for June 2016 show that several key targets are being missed. Geoffrey Simpson-Scott of Simpson Millar evaluates these figures.

Troubled Hospital Trust Could Close A&E Department

16 August 2016 | Ramune Mickeviciute

Grantham Hospitals A&E department could face partial closures, as the local NHS trust struggles with staff shortages.

Mothers' Instinct Stops Medical Oversight Developing Into Life-Threatening Condition

10 August 2016 | Lisa Wright

Upon taking her daughter to A & E and receiving poor advice, our Lisa Wright explains how trusting her own instincts avoided a medical disaster.

NHS Figures Reveal Mental Health Services Are Failing Children

3 August 2016 | Daxa Patel

NHS figures have revealed that in some parts of England 4 in 5 children with mental health problems are being denied access to treatment they urgently need

Increased Funding Aimed At Reducing GP Stress

1 August 2016 | Ramune Mickeviciute

Recent reports by online health publication, Pulse, have highlighted how some planned changes to the medical profession could reduce GPs stress levels.

Brits Are Going Abroad For Laser Eye Surgery

28 July 2016 | Geoffrey Simpson-Scott

Would you go abroad to have laser eye surgery? 21% of Brits have said they would. Simpson Millar takes a closer look.

NHS Wales Publishes Details Of Never Events

19 July 2016 | Daxa Patel

NHS Wales have revealed that some recent Never Events include objects being left inside patients and the wrong person undergoing an exploratory procedure

Understaffed A&E Slammed by Care Quality Commission

8 July 2016 | Carley Ross

One of the country's busiest A&E departments has been forced to apologise following a report which found its services to be 'inadequate'.

How Can Networking Transform Your Career?

8 July 2016 | Ramune Mickeviciute

Knowing how to network effectively is a skill in its own right, and if you want to get ahead it is important that you understand how to do it properly.

NHS Looking to Europe to Recruit GPs

17 June 2016 | Ramune Mickeviciute

The NHS is creating a brand new programme of training and language support for EU doctors in a bid to tackle the recruitment crisis faced here in the UK.

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