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Our expert solicitors keep you in the know about changes to the law surrounding disease and illness – whether that's a work related illness, an illness made worse due to medical negligence, or even explaining how you can get access to the help you need.
UK Air Pollution Levels Are Some Of The Worst In Europe

Time icon 23 May 2017 | Person icon Phillip Gower

New Research carried out by the World Health Organisation show that the UK has dangerously high levels of pollution that are putting children and the elderly at risk.

Court Rules That Air Pollution Plan Cannot Be Delayed

Time icon 4 May 2017 | Person icon Phillip Gower

After attempting to delay their publication till after the snap general election, ministers have been told to publish air pollution plans by the High Court

British Children Exposed To Illegal Levels Of Air Pollution At School

Time icon 10 April 2017 | Person icon Phillip Gower

An Industrial Disease expert responds to figures that reveal hundreds of thousands of British school children are exposed to illegal levels of air pollution

Simpson Millar Industrial Disease Team Attend Annual BTOG Conference

Time icon 26 January 2017 | Person icon Gavin Evans

Three of Simpson Millar's industrial disease solicitors attended the annual BTOG conference, which promotes best practices for mesothelioma and lung cancer sufferers

Busy Roads And Diesel Fumes Linked To Ill Health And Dementia

Time icon 17 January 2017 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Reports link vehicle pollution and diesel fumes to ill health and dementia, find out if you could be eligible for compensation for exposure to air pollution

Ex-RAF Unit Struck Down By Terminal Illnesses Seek To Sue MOD

Time icon 17 January 2017 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Specialist ex-RAF unit looks to sue MOD after exposure to toxic chemicals left them facing terminal illness.

Simpson Millar Co-Sponsors South West Regional Lung Cancer Meeting

Time icon 5 January 2017 | Person icon Helen Grady

Simpson Millars asbestos illness team, based in the South West of England, co-sponsored an informative meeting of the regions lung cancer experts

Welsh Lung Cancer Sufferer Praises NHS Treatment

Time icon 8 December 2016 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Phillip Gower, Head of Simpson Millars Cardiff office, reacts to a Welsh lung cancer patient, who has praised treatment he received on from the NHS

Companies House Drops Plans To Destroy Public Records

Time icon 6 December 2016 | Person icon Gavin Evans

Companies House drops plans to delete information that can help sufferers of asbestos-related diseases get justice.

Welsh Research Links Mesothelioma Survival With Cell Differences

Time icon 2 December 2016 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Our Phillip Gower, Head of Cardiff office and APIL accredited asbestos specialist, explains how he helps Welsh mesothelioma sufferers

Toxic Household Chemicals Linked To Cancer And Infertility

Time icon 28 September 2016 | Person icon Joanna Tloczek

A research study has highlighted that household dust could be harbouring potentially toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer and infertility

How Could New Chronic Pain Treatment Schemes Help Sufferers

Time icon 21 September 2016 | Person icon Joanna Tloczek

A new chronic pain service in Wales looks to change the way pain is managed by sufferers, Joanna Tloczek of Simpson Millar LLP examines the new scheme.

Miners Are Set To Receive Thousands Of Pounds In Compensation After Being Shortchanged By Law Firms

Time icon 15 September 2016 | Person icon Robert Godfrey

Miners who made claims for VWF (or HAVS) might get extra compensation after being shortchanged by law firms – Robert Godfrey explores how we can help you.

Simpson Millar Lawyer First With Disease And Asbestos Accreditation In Wales

Time icon 20 July 2016 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Phillip Gower from Simpson Millar has become the first APIL accredited occupational and asbestos disease lawyer in Wales.

Supreme Court Challenge Could Result In Landmark Compensation Ruling

Time icon 14 July 2016 | Person icon Phillip Gower

Three former employees of speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies firm, Johnson Matthey, are attempting to challenge a Court of Appeals decision.

Canada Commits to Asbestos Ban

Time icon 21 June 2016 | Person icon Helen Grady

An expert in asbestos illness cases has welcomed the commitment of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to ban the use of asbestos across the country.

Diesel Fumes and Industrial Disease

Time icon 15 June 2016 | Person icon Phillip Gower

After the death of a 9 year old girl, her mother is taking legal action against Greater London Authority to push investigations into air pollution controls

Asbestos Q and A – How One Man Copes with Diagnosis

Time icon 6 June 2016 | Person icon Helen Grady

In almost all cases of Mesothelioma, the outlook is terminal – but for many, the time they have left is spent enjoying life to the full.

Simpson Millar is Proud to Support the British Lung Foundation's Mesothelioma Research Fund

Time icon 2 June 2016 | Person icon Gavin Evans

As a firm representing many clients with mesothelioma, Simpson Millar is very proud to support the Mesothelioma Research Fund.

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