Xperience at St George Homestay (The Three Corners) Illness Complaints

The Xperience at St George Homestay (Three Corners) is situated in Taba in Egypt, and offers a relaxing atmosphere with a spectacular pool area.

Xperience at St George Homestay (The Three Corners) - Holiday Illness Claims Experts

Is your tour operator responsible?

If you booked your holiday as a package through a UK based tour operator then the Package Travel Regulations 1992 offer you powerful protection. This means that your UK Tour Operator has a duty to ensure your safety and wellbeing whilst on that package holiday.

Were you ill on holiday in Egypt?

If you suffered a holiday illness within the last 3 years eg Salmonella, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Shigella or Dysentery due to the poor standards of hygiene or Food Poisoning at your hotel in Egypt then you may be able to make an Egypt Holiday Illness Claim for your illness abroad.

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Our Holiday Claims Specialists have many years of experience working in the Travel sector and will ensure you get open and honest advice on whether or not you can claim compensation for your Egypt Holiday Illness at the Xperience at St George Homestay.

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